Connections 23

One-day festival of festivity, music, art & fun co-created with our talented young producers. Following this, a mentorshipprogram with a string of events initiated by the producers themselves

2022 & ongoing:

A new temporary cultural space, that represents minorities and underrepresented music genres in the nightlife. A completely  autonomous organization that we supported with legal and accounting and helping opening the right doors

kasa kasa

Katrine & Sara created something very special with their summer-oasis kasa kasa. Creating exciting food & drinks, arranging DJ sets, live music & the backdrop for a lot of cultural experiences in general. Summernights and rainy days, kasa kasa had the vibes

Kulbroen Lab

The Lab has served as our office, café, bar, and event space since its construction and is the heart of the small oasis beneath the bridge 

View Point

Viewpoint was created to offer people a glimpse into what it might feel like to one day stroll on top of the bridge. It also serves as a laboratory for exploring sustainable timber in a danish, outdoor context

Bedre Dage

The first team to take over the bar & restaurant was the female powerhouse of Bedre Dage


A teaching and workshop program for cultural entrepreneurs in the growth layer in Aarhus 

Football Field

In collaboration with Aarhus Kommune and various partners, we established a football field at the South Harbor catering to socially vulnerable individuals, including those from groups such as the homeless, addicts, ex-addicts, alcoholics, and minority communities like the Inuit

Kulbroen Festival

A one-off electronic & hip-hop festival during Aarhus Festuge

Food Markets

Kulbroen & partners pioneered the concept of the contemporary street-food market in Aarhus 


A collection of [s]mall events and happenings throughout the years

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