The Lab has served as our office, cafe & bar, and event space since 2017 and was funded by Underværker/Realdania. The lab has really been the heart of all things Kulbroen for seven years. It was designed by SLETH Architects and built by ourselves and a team of craftsmen consisting of among others Thomas Lillevang, Jens Kahr and Frederik Krat.

During the years we have had hundreds of small events at the Lab. It has also hosted a restaurant, a bar & café and has been managed by Bedre Dage from 2019-2020 and kasa kasa from 2021-2023.
Year: 2017 - 2024

Program: Building of the Lab

Budget: 1.000.000,- DKK

Location: Kulbroen, Sydhavnen

Partners: Realdania (funding), Aarhus Kommune, SLETH architects, Martin Busk, FSC, BUUS