During the years we have made many small projects and events, both on our own, but mostly with partners and collabs. 

Anything from guided tours at Sydhavnen, dinners on top of the bridge to workshops and talks. 

Worth mentioning: 

High Dining - Dinner on top of the birdge. We made a one of a kind dinner in collaboration with good guy Christian Bøjlund. 

Lab Sessions - our very own workshop / city development format that have been going strong in periods during the years. 

F16 - A collab with the all fab creative youngsters from F16. 

Moving Walls - This outdoor exhibition was part of the Connections 2022 program but also a project on its own. A collab with Chaikana Media. 

Year: 2014 - and ongoing

Location: Kulbroen, Sydhavnen

Partners: Too many to mention...