At the south harbor there are a lot of different user groups and among them are groups of what is normally called “socially vulnerable”. These groups consist of for example homeless, addicts, ex-addicts, alcoholics and minority groups like Inuits. We realized that they had a wish for a football field where they could play football, so together with Aarhus Kommune, BUUS and Domis, we made a very fast project and build a super nice football field that could be used by these groups and also would be used by other groups of young people from the city. 

The project has now found new life and moved to another part of the city at Godsbanen. 

Year: 2018-2021

Budget: 200.000 DKK

Location: Kulbroen

Partners: Aarhus Kommune, Ombold,
BUUS Anlægsgartnere, Domis.