Back in 2014, the South Harbour of Aarhus and Kulbroen were not well-known to many people in the city. For us, it was a hidden gem.

We wanted to change the narrative by introducing people to the area - and the area to people! The idea was simple - we wanted to create a lively, vibrant food market in the raw and scruffy-looking sorroundings. Introducing great food, drink and happy faces to the area, seemed like a fantastic way to make the most of the unpolished sorroundings that were present at the time. So with an old parking lot, the backside of a gas station and the area under a concrete bridge-structure as our backdrop, we created a magical environment at the outdoor markets - a memory that still lingers with the people who where there at the time. To us, it truly felt special.

Year: 2014-2016 

Location: Kulbroen

Partners: Kødbyens Mad & Marked, Spiselauget, Langhoff & Juhl, F43 ++