Kulbroen is Aarhus' new cultural institution and urban space, built upon industrial heritage and designed for the creators and guests of the cultural scene. While owned by Aarhus Municipality, the association Kulbroens Venner operates as the daily manager of the site – a role it has fulfilled since the project's inception in late 2014.

The Kulbroen project has established its foundation beneath and atop the concrete structure of Kulbroen. Tangibly, this is seen in physical, temporary manifestations such as Kulbro Lab and Kulbro View (a cultural house and a viewing platform by the bridge). But more significantly, it lies in the human connections that have been forged since the beginning – both in close proximity to other users of the South Harbor neighborhood and for the tens of thousands of visitors who have come for cultural and culinary experiences, outlooks, perspectives, knowledge, and much more.

A steady grant from the Cultural Administration in Aarhus Municipality for the years 2022-2025 provides the association with the opportunity to accelerate the development of Kulbroen as a cultural institution. Significant investments can be made in projects for South Harbor and the entire Aarhus, allowing the site to further fulfill the ambitious visions for the city's cultural place and urban space that have been set in motion.
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