Martin Thim

Martin is one of the founders of Kulbroen. He is our visionary and politically engaged guiding light, strong in strategy, partnerships, and conceptualization. He is responsible for the expression, graphics, and aesthetics, as well as curating content - both physically and online. He is a strong advocate for the preservation of Kulbroen.

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Marc Sejr Eggen

Marc is the daily leader of Kulbroen and a skilled facilitator. He works with the overall guidelines within strategy, partnerships, and conceptualization at Kulbroen, ensuring that everything functions in the day-to-day operations, both in small and large projects. Thanks to his strong skills as a project manager and his drive, he is worth his weight in gold.

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Nino is one of our most skilled event planners and project managers. She is a community-engaging octopus and excels as a curator and mentor, particularly in (photo) art and culture. She is strong in executing projects and events, making her a reliable collaborative partner in everything from large scale exhibitions to community events.

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Pit Herold

Pit is our in-house architect who is involved in everything related to graphic expression, aesthetics, and spatial design. He contributes to the development of overall guidelines in strategy, partnerships, and conceptualization. Together with the rest of the team, he is works to create he best possible spaces on, under and around Kulbroen. 
If you ever want to create a structure at Kulbroen, chances are that you will benefit from a conversation with Pit. 

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Daniel Walsh

Daniel is one of original members of the team, co-launching the idea of Kulbroen way back in 2014

Daniel is an educated Kaospilot and has been a part of the cultural scene in Aarhus for over a decade - doing large productions, international festivals, city development, teaching, creating, and shaping entrepreneurial hubs. He brings his experiences to the table as our team’s remote worker - making our events and projects happen and in a sharper form.

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